Interdimensional Ice Cream Cake

by Cannonball Statman

3005 01:36
When you’re living in the year 3005, you wear a gas mask just to stay alive. Choirs with machine guns roam the streets at night, screaming “ooh!” When you’re living in the year 3005, you take a sleeping pill just to get high. Through the factory smoke, you can’t see the sky. You go outside, you’re gonna die.
Don’t melt my ice cream cake; my interdimensional ice cream cake. Went down my zero-gravity antimatter highway to the frosty climes of old Oslo, where I found snow to throw at my pet mosquito. Through Hualien and Tallinn, I found green tea and ramen, and froze it with my liquid nitrogen breath. And the infernal plasma of the sun, where I deep fried candy bars for this concoction, and the parks of Paris and Montréal, where I could not find one bathroom stall to bake my ice cream cake; my interdimensional ice cream cake, on the zero-gravity antimatter highway.


These songs were inspired by having an allergic reaction to an antihistamine on a mountain in Mexico, and the Auden Lincoln-Vogel movie “Zorg II” (which also features the song “3005” in the end credits):


released July 5, 2019

Gem engineered and produced the recordings, did some lovely screaming on “3005”, and played the drums and organs, on a crisp October afternoon at the Rattle, in London, on Earth.
Jesse wrote the music and lyrics, played the basses and guitars, sang the songs, took the photos of the mannequins and the snow, and designed the album cover.


all rights reserved



Cannonball Statman Antarctica

Cannonball Statman is a musician from New York City. He has been described by LiveTrigger Magazine as "the king of modern anti-folk", and has often been noted for his unique sound and stage presence, described by German Shepherd Records as "pure genius". His soulful, articulate songs often tell stories in nonlinear, surreal ways, with intricate, poignant guitarwork. ... more

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