A Place That Doesn’t Exist

by Cannonball Statman



aka “the Nonlinear Adventures of Ace, the Interdimensional Diplomat, Volume One: Turn Off the TV, Take Back the Factory”

Inspired by the poem “Ace’s Last Night on Earth”: poemhunter.com/poem/ace-s-last-night-on-earth/


released April 22, 2019

Made in México, France, and the USA. 2006-2019.


all rights reserved



Cannonball Statman Antarctica

NYC native / traveling musician and multimedia artist.

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Track Name: Stockholm
A call on the telephone
may seem unnatural,
but it’s the best that we can do sometimes.

It’s becoming all the time;
slowly, but soon, all the time.

And I call you on the telephone,
and you don’t pick up;
does that mean that you’re already home?

And I call you on the telephone,
and you don’t pick up anymore.

Calling all those
who have big ideas;
all you lovable Liberals
and your fascist friends:

go on our TV,
show us where
the unwashed masses hurt your windows;

just try and
take us back
to Stockholm.

I know your head is a desert;
I know you’re “one of a kind.”

It’s becoming noticable;
slowly, but soon, noticable.

And I call you on the telephone,
and you don’t pick up;
but I know that you’re already home.

But you know, there are those of us
who have broken hearts;
we, the unwashed masses
at our dead ends.

We’ll turn off our TV,
take back
the factory,

and never go back
to Stockholm.

I know you’re not in the desert;
I know you’re not in my mind.
Track Name: Pennsylvania
Midnight, out in Pennsylvania;
and you know that I miss ya.
Tonight I dreamed you’d run away from home;
you went out on your open road alone.

Screaming, "Regina,
you say you know me, but I don’t know ya.
You don’t wanna know what I’ll do to ya
if you lay hands on me or my family again.

Jester, don’t cry;
big girls, we don’t cry
except today, and tomorrow,
and every time someone we love dies."

I never knew how much I hurt ya.
Now you’re living on the water;
you are drifting off like sirens in the trees,
snow in windy March, and fire hydrant sprinklers.

So long, like forever,
it’s been awhile since I’d seen yer
sleepy parking lots and siblings drowning in beer;
it’s been hard for us this year.
Track Name: Alexandria
When the story of your heart doesn’t line up
with the military men who live everywhere
(and their modus operandi is

you can always
come home;
when time dies,
you can come home.

Let’s do this
rock and roll
on the streets of Alexandria;
the streets of Alexandria.

They’re selling Soviet magazines on the street.
There are so many ways to “make ends meet”;
but none have the integrity to smite
the four-headed hydra inside our hearts.

Rome wasn’t built in a day,
and neither were you;
but your favorite song was,
as was our love.

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